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Apex Academy, Derby

The Apex Academy, Derby is a climbing team based in Derby. We most often operate over two climbing walls; The Climbing Unit (for Boulder) and Alter Rock Climbing Centre (for the Ropes). The team switches between the two walls on a monthly basis in which to optimise sessions for each discipline (Boulder & Roped Climbing). This helps to create a fresh environment each and every month, providing varied route setting exposure and aids motivation to thrive in the different disciplines. Adding to these, we organise additional opportunities through our Apex Away Day's, in which we visit further afield climbing walls for a fun packed whole day climbing experience for all. 

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The Sessions

We have two main groups.

Development Team: 

Aimed at ages 8-12 and runs 5pm - 6.30pm every Tuesday

Teen's Team:

Aimed at Ages 13-17 and runs 6.30pm - 8.30pm every Tuesday.


The Cost

Development Team: 

£68 p/m

Teen's Team: 

£76 p/m 



To Join

For more info, email: 


Get booked in straight away:

Click the button below to send a direct email and quote "Free Session". 


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Want to Sign Up?

Sign up straight away using the buttons below and drop us an email to let us know when you can make your first session.

Completion of our Under 18 waiver (by a parent/guardian) is essential before your first session. This can be found at the bottom of this page.

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