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What Clients Have Said

These climbers have taken some time to let you know how they have found working with Apex Climbing and our coaches. Those who join our sessions always come away satisfied and with an improved mindset in managing challenges and pursuing goals. We take pride in reading clients testimonials and learning how we've helped to change their outlook on their climbing and their life. Check out some of their experiences below and contact us to add yours!

Roland - Indoor and Outdoor Climber

Roland has gone from Youth Academy parent to a seasoned indoor and now outdoor climber. He has managed to make the transition from pottering indoors to regularly getting outside, setting goals and then achieving them on a consistent basis. Starting out at around a V2-3 climber with us, he soon went on to surpass the level mentioned in his video. Now climbing multiple 7a's in the Peak District.

James - GB Paraclimber

James is a GB Paraclimber whom first joined Apex to maximise his competition climbing performances. He was a keen but relatively green competition climber who wanted to ensure he gave everything he had to achieve success in climbing. It's fair to say his ability has continued to grow, improving his results and level year on year. 

Richard - GB Paraclimber and World Cup Gold Medalist

Richard is one of our longest Apex climbers, joining back in 2017 and again consistently improving from a recreational climber, to an IFSC World Cup Para Gold Medal! He is visually impaired and works closely with Apex Coach Jamie (also a GB Para and Junior Coach), where he added a gold medal to his previous silver and bronze medals. A truly collaborative experience.

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