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Passionate about coaching people

Apex Climbing has been building from its humble beginnings back in 2015 from private 1:1 coaching sessions, to a trio of keen youth climbers, up to today where we now have elite level GB climbers, dedicated outdoor & indoor climbers and a number of awesome youth teams who are all looking to push their abilities and reach new heights (pun intended). We have been slowly and carefully building our offerings to provide an all encompassing climbing coaching service to bring elite level coaching to ALL climbers at ALL levels.


Our Purpose:

  • We aim to inspire and develop the climbing community and demonstrate the power that coaching and evidence based training can provide for all climbers. 

  • To help develop talented youth climbers of all ages and provide a route into the GB Climbing Team, developing top British competitors. 

  • Continue to upgrade personalised & purposeful training & coaching that inspires and leads to a lifelong passion for fitness and health. 

  • Create opportunities to develop socially, mentally, technically and physically, using goals and promoting positive growth mindsets that can help everyone become the athlete they want to become.

“The best time to plant a tree was yesterday.

The second best time is TODAY”

Lao Tzu

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